July 30, 2013


Yay, I'm finally posting (more) about this!  So over the month of May I worked on a short film for an Ontario animation college challenge together with Chris, Melody, Ricardo and Steve, with Mark Mayerson as our advisor. The theme we worked with was "Caught in the Act".  Before I overload this first paragraph with links to other places, here's our entry.

This was the first time for me to work on an actual production (however small it was), and it was great to see how something like that works.  We all worked together on things like the leica and the character designs and such, but the things I worked on the most were the hedgehog and the fish.

These move way too fast in GIF form, haha!
Drawing these from so many different angles was... rather challenging :)
Also, you can see the other college's entries here.

Summer is going by sooo fast!  Only one month left until third year... where we get to create another film! Whooo!

July 22, 2013

Newsprint and Sketchbooks

Together, or separately, they are wonderful for life drawing!  Yay!

So, life drawing.  I've done more of that.  But not enough.  Never enough.  Pictured below are newsprint drawings from extra-life drawing classes at Sheridan over the summer, as well as some that I drew at Brian's summer life drawing sessions.  I'm actually focusing on my individual lines more (finally).  I'm getting a little bit more straight vs. curve in there (finally), and I'm actually putting in a bit of tone (finally), although only solid areas.  As you may know, I'm horrible at shading, and I have little interest in changing that :)

So, life drawing on newsprint.  Most of these are 1 minute poses, as I tend to like those best and I have little patience to finish longer poses (that's not good).  There's a more "finished" pose in the middle-bottom there.  I figured I should put a more-rendered-something up.  Render-wise I think it's okay, but I really don't like the drawing itself.  Oh well.  Some drapery there too, because I do like drawing that, however hard it is.

Life drawing in a sketchbook has its ups and downs.  Scanning blue Col-Erase pencil drawings only has downs.

TAAFI is happening at the end of the week!  Busy busy busy!  I'll post more stuff from the short film after the festival, but I just noticed Melody posted another little something from it on her blog.  Check it out!

July 06, 2013

Animal Overload

So I figured I'd do another animal post.  Here's a whole bunch of pages and some animals from random  pages put together.  All organized by... I don't really know.  Zoo trips on Saturdays seem to be better than Fridays.  Well, today was not as busy anyway, so that was great.  I don't know what else to write for this post.  I'll keep it short.  But that last sentence just made the whole thing a little bit longer.

Cats are so hard to draw!